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First Single - Till We Realize

Hi folks!

We are Leave and are happy to let you know that our first single is ready for the world. 

Leave is a kind of a project rather than being a band. There are two people in this project.
Chris Burr who writes songs and David Buballa who contributes his producing skills and creativity to Leave.

Chris Burr about Leave:
It was around early 2014 and after a longtime relationship everything changed completely for me.
One morning I felt like someone told me take it into songs. 
Thus, I remembered on the guitars I still had and have not used for many years. (in the nineties I was doing some kind of indie-punk-rock music..).
I put fresh strings on my Jumbo Acoustic guitar and began to play, everyday a bit here and a bit there.
Each time I quickly found a riff and melody which pictured the current mood and emotion. Then I imagined how it could be as song and which instruments 
where needed and made a final arrangement. In the course of a few more months I wrote 12 songs. Till We Realize was the first one. Therefore, it’s a bit logic 
to me that we release this song as first Leave single.

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The single „Till We Realize“will also be on all digital channels as soon as possible.

INFO SINGLE Till We Realize

=> Indie-Rock is back | late 90s of the future

LEAVE - Till We Realize - 3:13min
(music & text: Chris Burr) | Label: Moburec (LC 85309)
ISR-Code: QMEU32122898

Recorded at Moburec Studio and the players are ::

David Buballa :: drums, bass, tambourine, handclaps, Bontempi vintage organ
Chris Burr :: all guitars, vocals, handclaps
Kathrin Sude: saxophone 

Cover artwork by Annette Orlinski /

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